Your final property inspection before settlement

final property inspection before settlementWhen you’re buying a property, there’s a lot to remember and many things going on to get to settlement. As a purchaser, when you settle on the property, it should be passed over to you in the same condition it was when you signed the Contract for Sale.

Assuming you’ve done your due diligence and had a pre-purchase inspection prior to signing any contract (make sure you do this when buying property!), you’re also entitled to a final property inspection up to 7 days before settlement.

You can arrange a convenient time with the selling agent, and if a weekend is the only time you can do it, make sure you’ve arranged it with them prior.

The sorts of things to look out for when doing your final inspection can include:

  • Checking that the fixtures and fittings that are listed on the contract are there and in good working order
  • Turn on taps to check water
  • Test lights and power points
  • Run dishwasher/washing machine briefly to check they work – depending on when you’re doing your inspection, power may have already been turned off. If so, check appliances were represented as in working order during the sales campaign
  • Check for damage – external from storms and internal for things such as holes in walls, broken windows, cracked flooring etc that wasn’t there during sales inspection

Any issues or concerns should be communicated immediately preferably via solicitor or real estate agent noting that general ‘wear and tear’ such as scuff marks on walls and so on from the previous owner moving out is protected from damage claims.

Many issues raised at final inspections can be reconciled before settlement so don’t hesitate to talk to your advisor if you have any concerns.

Do you have questions or concerns about your final property inspection? Contact us – we’re happy to help.