About Us

Tracey06a02Tracey Warden Conveyancer offers full conveyancing services for the sale and purchase of any property within NSW, delivering a personalised approach to each and every conveyance matter.

Tracey has vast experience and knowledge in property conveyancing for buyers, with over twenty-five years working in large law firms and small single solicitor suburban practices prior to commencing her own business.

Her passion for the more complex and challenging matters means she greatly enjoys solving and completing the various processes all the while gently guiding clients through quite potentially stressful times in their lives.

With a client base that includes a culturally diverse demographic – some of who reside abroad and others who live locally – Tracey is adept in managing matters around investment and residential property and maintains an extensive knowledge in property investing.

Buying and selling property can be a life-changing financial decision. When engaged by a client, Tracey Warden Conveyancer takes on the role of overseer or manager of the rather complex process to ensure this sometimes stressful period is as smooth as possible.

The personal, communicative style at Tracey Warden Conveyancing helps guide you through the process, translating legal jargon into easily understood terms.

By taking the time to understand your personal goals, Tracey offers advice on how current laws may affect your transaction and ensures you are fully aware of all of your rights and responsibilities prior to any contracts being signed, or transactions taking place.

Tracey’s home office is available to you outside of business hours, or she can come to your home to keep you advised throughout the whole process.

As buying or selling a home is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, it is important that you use an experienced conveyancer that you can trust. At Tracey Warden Conveyancer, we hold the key to your next property.