Conveyancing for Selling

Conveyancing for Selling a HouseWhen undertaking conveyancing for selling a house there are approximately 24 detailed paperwork processes which must happen in a timely order. Tracey Warden Conveyancer can put a contract for sale together on your behalf, for however you are choosing to sell it, so that the property may be marketed.

In its simplest form, the process of conveyancing for selling a house includes:

The contract – once you’ve made the decision to sell, one of the first tasks is to have the Contract for Sale of Land drawn up. This not only includes the legal terms and conditions of sale but also what is included and excluded, settlement terms or even that the contract be conditional upon another contract for you to buy your next property.

There are a lot of ways that a contract can be varied, which is why we place so much importance on understanding your situation and financial goals so we assist with the most successful outcome for you.

The  deposit –  once a contract has been signed by the buyer and is legally binding,  a deposit is usually paid and held in the trust account of the selling agent.

Settlement – this is the day money is exchanged and keys handed over and is scheduled in accordance with the contract, usually 6 weeks after contracts have been signed. Your conveyancer will act as liaison with your bank regarding the release of any mortgage held on the property.

Before settlement, the purchase price is adjusted to reflect the council rates, water rates and any other fees or adjustments based on the Contract for Sale.

If you are interested in conveyancing for selling a house, Tracey can review the contract on your behalf and suggest appropriate changes to ensure they are in your best interest and align with your long term financial goals. Contact us for a no obligation conversation.