Buying your First Property

Buying Your First PropertyBuying your first property is an emotional time. It’s exciting, daunting, confusing, stressful and when unsure of the process, can be intimidating.

At Tracey Warden Conveyancing, we find one of the most important times to be the initial meeting where we take the time to understand our client’s goal or goals.  Often, when buying your first property you may be a little unsure of exact goals and this is where Tracey’s expertise in interpersonal skills and real estate and property conveyancing knowledge has assisted.

The legal profession is full of very specific jargon and one of our strengths is distilling this language into everyday terms so that the buying process is clear and concise in the mind of the first time buyer.

When buying your first property, you have certain entitlements that a regular buyer does not. For example, first home owners may apply for an exemption from paying stamp duty and with the cost of property nowadays, this can be a substantial saving.

If you are interested in buying your first property and would like a resource that is dedicated to understanding your needs, making the process smooth and efficient and ensuring your financial position is protected, contact us for a no obligation conversation.