How to choose a conveyancer

how to choose a conveyancerIf you decide to sell your property, you would usually go through a process to find the right real estate agent to look after the sale for you. You might ask for referrals from friends and neighbours, you might call a couple of agents and ask some questions, you might do some research about their recent sales success. When choosing a conveyancer to manage the transaction of selling (or buying) on your behalf, it is wise to do a similar thing.

Just as finding a real estate agent is one of the first things to do, so too should you select a conveyancer as soon as you know you’re buying or selling – once appointed they act on your behalf and are a good source of advice before signing any documentation that may cause issues down the track. Do some research, ask for referrals and interview a couple over the phone to check they are the right professional for you. This blog on provides some useful questions you may wish to ask when interviewing.

Some of the most important things to look for are:

  • Check they are licensed to do the work and conduct a background check for any complaints
  • Some conveyancers specialise in particular types of real estate, so check they can do what is relevant for your situation

Once you have chosen a conveyancer, you should be going through your current financial position and your financial goals, so ensure you select someone you trust and are happy to talk these things through with. You should also make them aware of any tight time frames, financial restrictions or other special circumstances early in the process so they can advise you fully.

In a nutshell, you want to find a conveyancer who is qualified and licensed, who works in the area of real estate relevant to your transaction, and someone you are comfortable discussing your situation with. In many cases the relationship with a conveyancer is one based on trust – that they have your interests in mind and a knowledge of what you want to achieve. So take some time to have a conversation with a couple and then decide.

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