Conveyancer or solicitor for my property transaction?

conveyancer or solicitorRecently a potential client asked me what the difference is between the conveyancing services I offer and those of a solicitor or larger law firm with a fixed price offering.

The client wanted to gain a better understanding of the value I add, which is a valid question.

In response, I explained some of the benefits of using a conveyancer which included these points below:


  • A licensed conveyancer specialises in property related law – that’s all we do. So you’re engaging an expert in the field. Solicitors can practice a multitude of areas of law and may have other priorities at the time of your matter (such as a court date), so when you engage a conveyancer you are working with a specialist who focuses only on property law
  • At Tracey Warden Conveyancers, we pride ourselves on our personal approach. Ours is not a cookie cutter service, simply ticking the boxes and putting your paperwork in an out tray.  We take the time to get to know your situation and can therefore offer personalised advice and service with a sound understanding of your financial goals and expected outcomes
  • Often a conveyancer is based in your local area as opposed to having a City-based office, so not only do they know your area well, they are also more accessible (and often mobile) for any appointments required out of office hours.
  • In NSW a Licensed Conveyancer is as qualified as a Solicitor to undertake the work involved in property transactions, so you are utilising a qualified specialist for your legal work
  • In most cases, when you hire a conveyancer, it will be them doing the work, not a paralegal or a legal clerk, so the expertise you are paying for is being put to work for you

As we have mentioned in a previous blog, in the grand scheme of things the cost of a conveyancer is minimal compared to the value of the transaction being undertaken and decisions should be based on a holistic approach to your situation as opposed to price alone.

If you have any questions about conveyancing or how we can help you, please contact us.